lost citations !

I was adding the bibliography, but suddenly the citations apperead as numbers and not references. i made it with vancouver style, i tried to copy the document but it doesnt work. and i had a copy on email and tried to open it but also the citations didnt appears.
  • Vancouver style’s in-text Citations are just numbers. To add the bibliography at the end, place your cursor when you want it and click the Add/Edit Bibliography button on the Zotero tab.
  • Yes I tried but they said : no citations , the citations suddenly appeared as numbers
  • I’m not following what you are saying. Can you take a screenshot, upload to Dropbox or similar, and post a link here?
  • I placed the cursor and add bibliography but they said : zotero experienced an error updating your document !!!
    and the citations in brackets are just like numbers when i click on it it didnt appear as before
  • I tried to copy the document but it didnt zork and i opened zotero on other PC withmy account I have the references on zotero but in the word document i lost it
  • See Debugging Broken Documents.

    But note that if you or someone else saved the document in another file format, it would break existing citations and you'd have to restore from a backup. If you're saying the citations no longer appear as active fields with a gray background when you click on them, that's likely what happened.
  • how can i restore them ?? yes I tried to open the document in another format because it wasnt saved as word document. thats why i lostt it !
  • You'd have to go back to a version of the document before it was saved as another format. E.g., if you're using Word and you save as an .odt, that will break all citations.
  • I went back and undo before i changed the format but i cant recuparate them !! yes thats it all documents was in odt format !!
  • If you were working in Word and saving in .odt, you weren't saving active Zotero citations and won't be able to recover them. When using Word you need to save documents with Zotero citations as .docx.
  • Oopss ! but when i was writing int the document the citations appeared before as active fields with a gray background..
    Thank u a lot
  • As long as the document was open, citations you inserted would appear normally, but they likely wouldn't work (or wouldn't work reliably) after reopening the document.
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