How to insert p. and pp. in front of page numbers in Zotero brackets?

I would like for the in-text citations (in Chicago author-date style) to take the following form: (Author Year, p. x) or (Author Year, pp. x-y). But Zotero does not display the p./pp. in the brackets, it only generates this form: (Author Year, x).

How can I change the settings in Zotero so that p./pp. will be displayed in the brackets?
  • It's not a setting, it's a citation style question. The Chicago Manual doesn't put labels before page numbers, so the style implementing it doesn't. Other styles, such as APA, do. The easiest for you would be to just switch to APA (or another style using labels, though they're not trivial to identify) or to be OK with the CMoS rules as they are. It's possible to modify styles, of course, but seems like a hassle for this.
  • I have modified due to a few things (et al use for example). I have ended up with : instead of p, so would like to adjust the style accordingly.

    Can you help?
  • I'd have to see the style as you currently have it. post to , save, and provide the link here.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for this. The link is:

    What I am trying to achieve is:

    Never use et. al in first use of referencing, all authors must be shown.
    Subsequent use, et. al is fine.
    Never use et. al in the bibliography/references.
    Harvard style
    p for page number, somehow I have ended up with :

    Really appreciate you taking a look.

  • <citation disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" year-suffix-delimiter="," disambiguate-add-names="true" disambiguate-add-givenname="false" collapse="year-suffix">
    <key macro="author"/>
    <key macro="date-issued-no-parentheses"/>
    <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">
    <group delimiter=", ">
    <text macro="author-short"/>
    <text macro="date-issued-no-parentheses"/>
    <if locator="page" match="any">
    <group delimiter=" " prefix=", ">
    <label variable="locator" form="short"/>
    <text variable="locator"/>
    <label variable="locator" form="short" prefix=", "/>
    <text variable="locator" prefix=" "/>

    Change your citation part to this and you'll get the p/pp. for page locators.
  • Many thanks. That is really helpful. Would you possibly help with a couple of other issues?

    1. Remove the italics in et al.
    2. In my reference list, I am still getting et al. on one reference that has 10 authors. Where is the setting to switch this off?

    Best regards
  • Gonna give you some hints as I think you can actually figure this out:
    1. Line 67
    2. Line 48

  • Thanks, I like a test!

    I managed to sort out the italics in the references and the unlimited authors.

    But, I still have italics in the in document et als?
  • You´re code is gone, but you can search in your code for font-style="italics". This will likely give you a few hits still.
    Most likely it is set in a macro called author-short. Check there. Then you can just remove it.
  • You could also just remove the line starting with <et al entirely -- it doesn't affect whether et al is printed, only how, so if you don't need to style it (e.g. with italics) it can be removed.
  • edited June 20, 2019
    OK, managed to work that out.

    I have an issue with disambiguation. Can I post here or start a new thread?

    In case ok here...

    I have tried to remove the disambiguation by following:

    but the item isn't there to remove, the closest I have is:

    I have tried a few code edits, but have failed to get rid of rogue initials in my references (i know this is down to inconsistent data in the Zotero downloads).

    So, do I need to go through my large list of names and look for differences, or is there an edit to the style I am missing?

    Hastebin link:
  • The disambiguation settings can be found on the line that starts with <citation...
    You can try to just remove things like this: disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" disambiguate-add-names="true"

    But if the data is not entered correctly in Zotero, then this won´t help much. If the first names are in the surname field, you'll need to fix this individually. Should be a lot easier if you turned disambiguation off though.
  • edited June 20, 2019
    I tried removing all disambiguate and all variations, but nothing changed in the style editor examples.#

    Edit:This is only in the bibliogrpahy that I have an issue.
  • Can you give a few examples what you see in your bibliography? Hard to understand what you mean. Did you actually look if this is because you have the data entered incorrectly in Zotero?
  • The data is "wrong" in Zotero. For example author Banks will have in one journal just one initial in another two initials.

    So in the different journals in the bibliog, 'she' will have two names.

  • You need to store the author information consistently in Zotero. Fix the data there, rather than editing the style.
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