Finding multiple words in advanced search

This discussion was created from comments split from: Advanced search problems & feature request.
  • Let me also add that the search feature leaves a lot to be desired. Even in advanced mode I had a paper named "Learning in networks: An Overview" and I tried advanced search with title contains "learning overview" the results return nothing. Instead if I only use "overview" then it returns the correct items. It would be nice to have fuzzy searching if not already implemented.
  • It's not a question of "fuzzy searching". In advanced search, everything is a phrase search, and the phrase "learning overview" doesn't match the title. If you want to find "learning" and "overview" you need to use two separate conditions.

    A search condition that's equivalent to the quick search in the Zotero toolbar is a frequently requested feature.
  • Now this, "everything is a phrase search" and "to find "learning" and "overview" you need to use two separate conditions" made things absolutely clear.
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