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edited May 15, 2019
I am using Z 5.0.66 and Word for Mac 16.16.8. I have a document that needs a style slightly different from anything offered, so have to make small adjustments to notes after generating them. This means when refreshing I have to choose to keep my modifications and prevent Z from updating. However after refresh underlining is not disappearing from modified notes, and it prints as well. I thought the latter in particular was not supposed to happen. Help?
  • In general, don’t make edits like that with Zotero citations still live. Instead, either fix the style itself (we can help with that) or wait until the end of writing, Unlink the citations from Zotero, and then make your edits.
  • Thanks for that - the problem is that the "end of writing" isn't always clear (hence a reference manager that can refresh). Do you have a work-around in the meantime, other than replacing every affected note? And any wisdom about the fact the underlining is printing?
  • I can reproduce this, and I've created an issue. @adomasven will need to take a look.
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    FWIW I found I could remove this underlining by adding normal underlining and then removing it. A global select in the notes, etc.
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