Koofr cloud storage updated to work with Zotero webdav

edited May 15, 2019
Hi, just a quick note that I've been in contact with the very helpful Damjan Maticic at koofr.net, and after a remarkably responsive exchange of emails they have released a fix so that their cloud storage now works with Zotero via webdav.
To use koofr's own storage via webdav (it's a service that can also utilize other cloud storage accounts like dropbox) the URL is:


Note: they have a custom, per-app secure password generator you have to use. I.e. your webdav password is not your account password, it has to be generated on the settings|password page of their web app.

The free storage option is currently 10GB, with paid plans starting at 25GB.
(Similar to dropbox invites, you get an additional 500mb by signing up via an invite link like my one: http://k00.fr/squx668s - full disclosure I also get 500mb per sign-up.)

Anyway, I can at least endorse them for prompt and responsive customer support, I was surprised that they turned around a fix for Zotero so quickly and painlessly. Will update if there's anything else to note, but it seems like a reasonable alternative to box.com (which I'm migrating from) if you can't afford proper Zotero storage.

I'll add the relevant info to https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services once I get a wiki registration.

  • Thank you for this recommendation, which solved my hosting issue. I considered upgrading my pcloud account, but they did not have a smaller-scale solution, which koofr has. Got you some extra space by signing-in via your link :)
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