Two Zotero accounts

I presume it would be stupid to create a second Zotero account for a project that I want to be separate from my routine scholarship, right? This might potentially wipe my existing Zotero data. Since I ultimately want the citations from the second account to be public, I could create a group now and drag and drop from my regular Zotero into it.

I just didn't want to blend the tags for the second project into my main library.
  • Yeah, I'd definitely recommend a group for what you're describing.
    There are scenarios that warrant two accounts, but they're rare (e.g., I have a second account that I use in presentations on Zotero so people don't get confused by all my items & groups) and you should really know what you're doing -- it's not super likely, but you can absolutely mess up your Zotero data with multiple accounts.
  • Thank you!
  • I have a primary account on which my subscription runs, and currently only one secondary account to which I've shared a group. I'm a bit of a packrat and I want to separate out my very different research libraries depending on what I'm working on.
  • I seem to be ok with the group in my primary account but thanks. I'm too worried about corrupting my main account. I have an entire book's notes and details in it.
  • Zotero groups & sync has been a core feature of Zotero for as long as I can remember -- maybe as old as Zotero. Personally, I'd be more worried about your disk corrupting and your data not being synced than about sync corrupting your data. But: that's strictly my personal view on the matter.
  • I need help managing two Zotero accounts from one PC. Each account is linked to a separate email account and I am using Google Chrome as my browser. I can access each account online via login.

    Problem: How can I use of two different Zotero stand-alone (resident) databases on a single PC so I can capture research reference sources into those resident databases to enable separation between personal and scholarship purposes?

    At present, my PC has my personal Zotero stand-alone database installed and capturing research sources and syncing fine to that account. How can I install a second stand-alone database that I use for scholarship on the same PC? (sorry for repeat question).

    Appreciate your help. Zotero is great. I just need more of it.
  • @SpitfireUVU: See Multiple Profiles. (You can also see the Multiple Instances page, linked from there, but note the limitations.)
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