Connector labeling all sites as "webpage"

This discussion was created from comments split from: Chrome extension not picking up on correct meta data.
  • Apologies if this is asked elsewhere/the wrong place for this question, but my chrome extension has as of late been labeling almost all news sites and blog posts as "webpage," and I'll have to go back and add in regular news article data like the date and the author. Here is one link that I've had that issue with:

    Is this something I can fix on my end through settings, or is it just an issue with how these (apparently almost all) news and blog sites are classifying their metadata? I am a rube, please help me!
  • Zotero has translators for most major news sites, but not the Washington Times. (There is a translator for the Washington Post, but it looks like the site changed recently, so that's not working properly. I've created an issue to fix that.)

    If you have other examples, we can look at those.
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