Zotero API for Metadata Extraction?

I have been using the Chrome Connector to import journal articles into my Linux Zotero client, and it has worked wonderfully. I am now looking for a way to automate this, so that e.g. when I am on a mobile device or on a work PC I can do something like email an ArXiv link to a Trello board, which triggers Zotero API calls to import the article.

But to brush these details aside, what I am looking for is a way to programmatically have Zotero perform the metadata extraction from the article, so that I can use e.g. the pyzotero SDK to insert all the appropriate metadata in the new item. Right now, if I add a new item and set only the URL, that is the only data present about the article when I pull up the Linux client. However, I need only click the "Save to Zotero" icon with the web browser Connector to have all of the metadata extracted.

Is there an API to interface with to essentially perform the "Save to Zotero" import process without a web browser? An idealized solution would be using the Zotero API to add an item by just passing it a URL, and having the Zotero API backend automatically attempt metadata extraction during the import.
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