subfolder structure doesn't respect additional settings in renaming rules, zotfile

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I've noticed that the subfolder structure doesn't respect or take into consideration the settings in the Renaming Rules -> Additional Settings in zotfile.

I've set the subfolder structure to {%A}/{%a}/{%y} but in the in the additional settings I've specified change to lower case but it seems to ignore that and just copy what ever is in the bib entry from the metadata. It would be nice to have these additions.

So that we can have consistent folder structure accesses from different devices and different apps.

Finally is there a way to actually see/indicate/highlight which items are incomplete in terms of their bibtex formatting metadata and correctness, imagine we have hundreds of items. Doing it manually would be huge waste of time.
  • I'll answer my own question in case someone has the same issue.
    The solution is to use the hidden settings on the editor.
    From the zotero menu go to Edit--> Preferences --> Advanced and choose Config Editor.
    Accept the risk message and search for extensions.zotfile.wildcards.default

    Change the value of the json object "a" as follows:

    "a": {"field": "author", "operations":[{"function":"toLowerCase"}]}

    and also change the value of the "A" json object from "toUpperCase" in the functions call into toLowerCase.
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    Highlighting within Zotero is complex because there's not a simple relation between what gets output as bibtex and what's in Zotero (Zotero's BibLaTeX translator has 800 lines of code doing things not readily inspectable by Zotero -- BBTs has a whopping 2500, and that's excluding the libraries it uses).

    If you have BBT, you can enable the quality report (which works better for biblatex than for bibtex, because biblatex is more well-specified) and the bib file will contain comments about potential problem points.
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