Restoring from a backup after syncing

This discussion was created from comments split from: How does Zotero protect your data?.
  • Please would you confirm that after sync the local database on my own PC is an exact copy of the database held by Therefore I can backup my entire library locally, delete it on and then restore from my local backup. Does Zotero publish details about this database?
  • (It's best to start a new thread unless you're posting about the exact same issue. I've moved this to a new thread, since the other one was about something unrelated.)

    Having the same library on multiple computers is the whole point of syncing, and you can restore from a local backup and overwrite what's in your online library if necessary.

    To be sure all your data is in sync, you would need to make sure you have both data syncing and file syncing enabled — as they are by default — and that you're not getting sync errors on any of your computers.
  • Great! Many thanks.
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