Tags and shortcut keys not sync'ed

Shortcut keys for tags are not being synced across multiple instances of zotero standalone running on different computers, but owned by the same user (es3w - me). The same occurs with column ordering/sizing and tag colours.

What should I do to fix these issues?
  • Tag colors and their numeric positions are the same thing.

    Column ordering/sizing doesn't sync.

    For the tags, we'd want to see a Debug ID for a colored-tag change and the following sync on each computer.
  • D1770616410 (sync)
    D694263527 (coloured tag change)

    I can confirm the tags are updated on the online library.
  • We need a single Debug ID that shows you 1) changing a colored tag and 2) syncing.
  • D1409750623
  • OK, so that shows 1) you modifying colored tags and 2) those same tags being uploaded successfully to your online library. So that's working fine. If there's a problem elsewhere, we'd need a Debug ID for the very next sync on another computer where the change isn't downloaded.

    If auto-sync is enabled on another computer and it's already open, you may need to start debug logging on that computer before changing the tag elsewhere.
  • No - the tags are not bein updated on the computer I use to sync them.
  • Not sure what you mean there, but see my previous post for the info we need to debug this further.
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