Chicago (author-date): Alphabetical Order for In-Text Citations

According to the Manual, they should be in the alphabetical order: (Braun 2013; Smith 1710). For me they appear in the order of entry, using stock Chicago style.

Is this in error?
  • If I recall correctly, the Manual says nothing about the order of in text citations. Is that correct @adamsmith?
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    It does. But it is more flexible than I thought. Or it has changed over the years. It is an extra pain but I guess no style change is needed.


    15: Author-Date References
    15.30: Multiple text references

    Chapter Contents / Reference Lists and Text Citations / Text Citations

    Two or more references in a single parenthetical citation are separated by semicolons. The order in which they are given may depend on what is being cited, and in what order, or it may reflect the relative importance of the items cited. If neither criterion applies, alphabetical or chronological order may be appropriate. Unless the order is prescribed by a particular journal style, the decision is the author’s.

    (Armstrong and Malacinski 1989; Beigl 1989; Pickett and White 1985)

    Additional works by the same author(s) are cited by date only, separated by commas except where page numbers are required.

    (Whittaker 1967, 1975; Wiens 1989a, 1989b)
    (Wong 1999, 328; 2000, 475; García 1998, 67)

    Additional references prefaced by “see also” follow any other references (see also 15.24).

    (Guest et al. 2006; see also Stolle et al. 2008; Rahn et al. 2009)

  • right -- that section is why we don't impose sorting on them.
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