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Firefox just disabled my Zotero connector because "it could not be verified." This is a new development from Mozilla. Is there a connector revision that will soon be available? I'm currently running 5.0.66. I tried downloading "Firefox Connector" but got the message that the file was corrupt. ??
Karl Hunt
  • Received message:
    Zotero Connection could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.
  • Confirmed.
  • Looks like a temporary problem from Mozilla affecting all Firefox extensions. They're working on it:
  • I only found this out when I needed to index a key reference in Firefox. For now I have to go the manual root or consider another browser. Is Zotero working on resolving this matter with Firefox soon?
  • There's nothing we can do about this. This is affecting every single Firefox extension, so Mozilla is obviously trying to fix it as soon as possible.

    In the meantime you can save to Zotero via the Zotero Connector in another browser, download a PDF directly and let Zotero try to retrieve metadata, use Add Item by Identifier, or use to save to your online library and sync.
  • Same problem. Thanks dstillman, I was getting crazy.
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    This is all over the internet news and technology sites. Not Zotero specifically but all plug-ins. Mozilla said, according to the reports, that the problem is in part caused by an unexpected key certificate expiration.

    From TechCrunch
    ...the sudden failure is due to a code signing certificate built into the browser that expired just after 5 PM (or midnight on May 4th in UTC time)....

    Because the glitch stems from an underlying certificate, re-installing extensions won’t work — if you try, you’ll likely just be met with a different error message. Getting extensions back for everyone is going to require Mozilla to issue a patch....

    Other sites report that Mozilla expects to issue the update within a very few hours.
  • I have this problem too. Firefox is blocking Zotero lots of other reliable verified add-ons right now. It is really annoying!
  • Yes, everybody using Firefox is currently facing this problem, and there is nothing Zotero's developers can do. No need to write "I have this problem too" over and over.
  • Update from Mozilla:
    Update: We have rolled out a partial fix for this issue. We generated a new intermediate certificate with the same name/key but an updated validity window and pushed it out to users via Normandy (this should be most users). Users who have Normandy on should see their add-ons start working over the next few hours. We are continuing to work on packaging up the new certificate for users who have Normandy disabled.
  • Nice to know that it is a general problem, so it will be fixed soon I hope.
  • What is Normandy?
  • Normandy is on by default. It's a way for Firefox to change settings without needing to install a new update.
  • I needed to change some privacy settings in Firefox (allow Firefox to install and run studies) to get the zotero connector to work again.
    This page helped me to find the right settings:

    Very happy to be able to use Zotero with Firebox again!
    @Zotero team: Thanks for your great work!
  • Mozilla has now pushed out new versions of Firefox that fix this for all users:
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