Error during Live collaboration in Word using OneDrive

I was editing a document using live collaboration in Word (for desktop) through Onedrive. All Zotero operations failed with a "Zotero could not update your document" error. Error report 616546898.
  • Could you be more specific about how you produced this error? How big is the document? Were you inserting in a section that someone else was also editing at the same time? What versions of Word were the collaborators using?
  • I am on Windows Word 365 Version 1904 (Build 11601.20144 Click-to-Run) 64-bit. They were on Windows Word 2016 Professional Plus (16.0.4266.1001) 64-bit.

    It occurred the entire we were live collaborating (and changes were being actively synced back and forth between us through OneDrive). I was trying to insert citations near the end of the document while they were editing the start of the document (not using Zotero functions, just editing text). The document is about 5000 words with around 60 citations.

    When I tried to edit a paragraph they were editing at the same time, clicking the Zotero buttons did nothing at all. This is expected, as Word prevents any edits to the same paragraph by multiple people at the same time.

    I've never tried using live collaboration before, so not sure if this behavior is new. Perhaps it is related to the previously-reported issues with documents stored in OneDrive and not locally?
  • @adomasven Would any more information be helpful?
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