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  • I have a similar issue-- I spent a few weeks building a group library, mainly from one laptop. For each item I added, I attached a Note with my name and various Tags. On the original laptop, if I do an advanced search for items that don't have Notes with my name (or items that don't have specific tags), only one item shows up. However, if I do that on any other laptop also linked to the group library, multiple other items also come up on these advanced searches. This means that the tags and notes for these items are not syncing to the right place.

    I have tried syncing again from the original laptop, but this doesn't change the issue. I have screenshots laying out the problem, if that helps. Please let me know what I should do next.
  • Forget about the search for the moment. Do you see a difference in the data associated with specific items?

    If so, see Changes Not Syncing.

    Otherwise, you can upload screenshots somewhere (e.g., Dropbox) and link to them here to help explain the issue.
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1amEjZ7O6W66n83ktXPZPbOKD-_QOn9eM/view?usp=sharing

    This link should show an example of a single specific item, which has data attached to it on the original computer that has not synced to the library cloud.

    I have worked through the page you linked to once more, but none of the items are relevant/fix the problem. Of course, I could use the computers side by side and fix each issue that I could find manually. However, this would take extra time, and would leave me wondering if there are other differences in data which are not unearthed by the advanced searches.
  • I have worked through the page you linked to once more, but none of the items are relevant/fix the problem.
    The last step provides instructions for further troubleshooting.

    There shouldn't be differences between computers that are syncing. If there are, the only way to debug it would be to identify an operation that results in a change that doesn't sync.
  • Ok, thank you.

    Do I need to get the debug ID from the original laptop? Can I get it just after hitting sync, or do I need to make a new change to notes/tags, press sync, hope that the new update doesn't actually sync, then get the debug ID?
  • The first thing to check would be where the problem is -- are the tags or notes available online or not? If they are not available online, you'd do this on the original laptop, start debug, make a change to (e.g.) the note that's not syncing, then force sync by clicking the sync button if it doesn't start automatically, wait until it finishes, then submit the debug output.
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