feature: share link to a Zotero entry via email or social media?

Is there a way to do this? If there isn't, it would be handy if you could grab an entry (or a set of them) and "Share" -- as you would "Create Bibliography" or "Export" -- and be able to send a link, or a pointer, to a colleague. Who would then be able to add that to their own Library.

Am I missing something? Is it already possible to do this?
  • Where exactly would the link point? To your online library? That's possible with the Zutilo add-on ("Copy Zotero URI")

  • I would like to have an option to right-click on a record (or selection of them) and choose "email record" to email the Zotero Report to someone else. Or it could be an option from within the report when you've brought that up.

    There's a not-too-tedious workaround, of course, to generate the report, print it to Adobe PDF, then email it from Adobe. But a straight shot would be a nice feature--obvious to users--and give us something that EndNote offers.
  • @DonnaCoxBaker: Report, not citation? What's the end goal of the sharing here? What do you want the other person to be able to do with it?
  • There are times when the simple citation would be adequate--like the times a person simply wants to know where I found something. But there are times I want to send my notes, with the reference information, and the report includes that. I would want to send the notes when the other person doesn't have easy or immediate access to the source--say a personal interview. There are also times I'd want them to see what I put in the "Extra" field or another field that does not get picked up in a citation, because I might include information there that explains something about the location of the source--say, a book of court records that was mislabeled when bound. Sometimes I'd want to send a set of references with notes--all of the sources that supported a conclusion I made on a particular question, with my notes about them. Thanks!
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