Fixing names imported in wrong order

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    I apologise if this has been already answered elsewhere. In relation to 'filling in names', I wonder if there is a way how to correct lastname-firstname order into firstname-lastname order non-manually? If an article has multiple authors and Zotero Connector imports their names in lastname-firstname order (which is quite frequent), it is necessary to alter all the entries (e.g. 'Anenberg Susan C.' into 'Susan C. Anenberg') to allow for switching to two fields (and end up with "Anenberg" as the last name, not "C."). It is of course possible to 'let it be', but it results in inconveniences with citation keys and in-text referencing. EDIT: It would also help, if it were possible to switch between single field and two fields en bloc, for all the authors at once. EDIT2: This article is even better example.
  • In Jurism (a Zotero variant), Ctrl + left/right arrow with two-name field open for editing pushes/pulls character by character between the fields. Would that be helpful for these if available in Zotero?
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