the bar between the variable of "pages" is not right

In the bibliography, the bar (looks like "-") between the variable of "pages" is not the same as "-" which typed by the keyboard.
the question is, how can I change this bar into this one ("-")?
  • The dash between page numbers is an en-dash, –. This is the proper symbol for denoting a range of numbers in most languages. I recommend you leave it as is—it is the correct symbol to use (cf. Word automatically changes a hyphen to this symbol in many places).
  • @bwiernik OK, thanks for help.
  • @bwiernik, it looks like there may be a quirk in the citation processor in certain cases.

    Sometimes, it's necessary to input an en dash rather than a hyphen in the citation dialog in order to get an en dash out (e.g., if a note number is being cited). That's no trouble.

    But I'm working now with a volume that has two sets of pagination. One is numbered consecutively in roman numerals as usual (1 to whatever). The other is numbered consecutively in roman numerals with an asterisk after (1* to whatever).

    In the citation dialog, even if I input the page range with an en dash (e.g., 1*–3*), the citation output converts the en dash to a hyphen.

    This happens both in the Chicago and the SBL Handbook of Style full note styles.

    Would you have any suggestions for getting the en dash to persist in this kind of citation?

    Thanks so much!
  • @fbennett Is this the same issue we discussed a few days ago?
  • @dstark could you try updating to the most recent Zotero, 5.0.95, that came out today and see if that's still the case? A similar (or this exact) problem has gotten fixed and I think the fix should have made it.
  • There was no citeproc-js update in 5.0.95. If this was fixed in citeproc-js beyond 1.4.50, I can push a beta with the latest version.
  • Thanks -- looks like the fix would have been in 1.4.60
  • OK, I've pushed a new Zotero beta with citeproc-js 1.4.61.
  • Yep, @adamsmith, updating to the newest beta does the trick. Thanks so much!
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