sync problems - ID 1555370364-31686

Hi there,
While syncing my local files with the online version at zotero I got conflict resolution popup with 3 conflicts. No matter what I choose, the same conflict comes back during the next sync.
I deleted the online library entries at zotero, but I get the same conflict with deleted online entries (which seems weird). I also checked the integrity of my database and received a positive result.

Do you have an idea how to get rid of these problems?

Best regards,
  • I'm not sure what that number is, but it's not a Zotero Report ID.
  • It looks to be a Jurism report, I have it here.

    @mbetkier: On the Zotero forums, be sure to mark questions related to Jurism with [Jurism] in the subject line. There are mailing lists for the Jurism project, and I would recommend that you sign up for one of those and post there. It saves traffic for the Zotero developers.
  • I am sorry for creating a confusion and possibly misdirecting this request.

    Yes it is related to a Juris-M client. I will post it to Juris-M list.

  • mbetkier's sync issue has been resolved. Three items were blocking sync. As only a small number of items was involved, recreating replacements in the local library, deleting the originals and emptying trash was a workable solution, and the sync now goes through.
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