Zotero doesn't work on Mac

I started using Zotero Friday with Libre Office. On Sunday it stopped working. The command Z function (undo) stopped working, which is a real disaster if one accidentally erases something. And the footnotes stopped working. I get the message "LibreOffice could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure Zotero is open and set to an online state and try again." Looking online I saw that there are sometimes bugs with libre office Mac and Zotero, so I sprung for 7 dollars a month and bought word for the 1st time ever. It doesn't work. I have spent hours in loop. tried safari, chrome, firefox. Nothing works.
  • Zotero is developed to a significant extent on Mac, so it certainly works in general -- what you're seeing is a more specific problem on your particular setup.

    Do you want to troubleshoot LibreOffice or Word? In both cases, which version of the word processor, which version of Zotero, which version of Mac OS? And in the case of Word, what's the issue you're seeing?
  • Hello, Thanks for your answer.

    Today Libre is working again. Weird. It was a big mess yesterday:
    impossible to use Zotero for footnotes and impossible to use commande Z, after many hours;

    Even this morning a few minutes ago I still got error messages when first opening Libre, or changing footnote style, but now - minutes later, all seems to be working well. Was there a temporary issue with Zotero Libre Mac ?

    So perhaps we could try with Word.
    I have downloaded Zotero and add-ons for word for Safari, Firefox and Chrome, and to the manipulations for add-on for Word repeatedly, and have activated for Word (and for Libre Office) and close and restart Zotero and Word, but when I open Word, Zotero is not there.

    This has not corrected itself and the problem is still there this morning.
    thanks for any help;
  • Was there a temporary issue with Zotero Libre Mac ?
    when I open Word, Zotero is not there
    Start here: https://www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_troubleshooting#zotero_toolbar_doesn_t_appear
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