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It seems like newspaper references in Zotero does not allow ''one click access'' to the source internet site. Normally, when i manually refer to a site in a footnote, i can easily click it by using my cursor. However, if i choose to refer a site by zotero, i must copy the link... I hope someone knows how to deal with this situation.

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Karen Zraick, “Crypto-Exchange Says It Can’t Pay Investors Because Its C.E.O. Died, and He Had the Passwords,” The New York Times, February 8, 2019, sec. Business,

(you can click it here but not on word!)

  • Yes, the Zotero word plugin cannot create live hyperlinks for technical reasons. After you finish writing the document, you can click the Zotero Unlink Citations button to convert the bibliography to regular text, then select the bibliography and run Word’s Autoformat feature to convert all of the links at once. Alternatively, you can go one by one and type a space after each link and Word will make them live.
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