Zoterobib generating an incorrect book citation in APA style if there is series information.

I noticed that when I try to cite a book in APA style, the generated citation is returned that has the word "In" in front of the series information. MLA style and Chicago do not include the series information and appear correct. This seems to be new as I have a screenshot showing a correct citation for a title in APA style. As an example search for the book, "Writing your psychology research paper", 2018. Is there anything that can be done to change the way the APA style formats books like this one?
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    Can you please show me what the APA style is generating, as well as the URL for the item (or whatever information you supplied to generate the citation)?
  • I searched for the book title but you get the same citation if you enter the ISBN: 9781433827075.

    The generated APA citation is:

    Baldwin, S. A. (2018). Writing your psychology research paper (First edition). In Concise Guides to Conducting Behavioral, Health, and Social Science Research (First edition). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

  • (same in Zotero)
  • Okay, pull request with a fix submitted. Thanks for reporting.

    For the moment, you can install the fixed style in the Zotero app using this link:
  • This has now been fixed in the CSL style repository. ZoteroBib should update shortly.

    @dstillman What is the exact style update timeline for ZoteroBib?
  • The updated APA style is available now in ZoteroBib.
    What is the exact style update timeline for ZoteroBib?
    It should get updated styles within 15 minutes on the next reload, or immediately on a shift-reload. (If you ever don't see that happening, let us know.)
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