Papercut: automatically update citations

edited April 11, 2019
The ordinary guidance on underlined citations is to click Refresh to update them to final form. That can fail in one scenario:

1. Open Zotero, open a document
2. Select a style and set a citation in the document, unticking "Automatically Update Citations"
2. Quit Zotero, start Zotero
3. Insert a citation in the document (underlined)
4. Click refresh

Expected: The citation updates and the underline disappears.

Actual: The DocPrefs dialog appears, with the chosen style selected. Clicking "OK" closes the dialog, displays the progress bar, and when the operation is complete, the underlined citation is still underlined.

Ticking "Automatically Update Citations" in the DocPrefs dialog and clicking "OK" performs a full refresh, but it's not clear why that is sometimes needed and sometimes not.
  • I'm not sure what you are describing. The document preferences dialog only ever appears if no preferences are set or the preferences are corrupt in a document, when performing another operation (i.e. when not explicitly clicking Document Preferences). I cannot reproduce this. If you managed to insert a citation in a document then next operation shouldn't bring up the dialog.
  • I'm describing the steps that are written there. :-)

    Thanks for checking. I was definitely seeing these symptoms, and I ran through those exact steps repeatedly before posting, first in Jurism, and then in Zotero. The document used for testing must have been corrupt in a way that was blocked the saving of prefs, because I can't reproduce the symptoms now either, with either tool. Puzzling, but there it is. Feel free to close this, it was obviously a red herring.
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