From Citation to Zotero

Hi all,
I have just discovered Zotero and I woud like to start using it. So far, I've always used Citation (version 9) and things went quite fine.
I tried to import to Zotero passing through Biblioscape 6, but it did not work very well. Nearly all the records were flawed, with title and other important fields missing.
Any suggestion?
  • Try different interchange formats, RIS and BibTeX are generally the best. Also, open up the files in a text editor as you move them from one tool to another. You can isolate where issues are cropping up.
  • Umm...maybe I should clarify that I would need a very easy solution...nearly step by step...
    So far i exported my Citation database in .rtf format...but Zotero cannot read it...
  • Take a look at the directions for migrating from Endnote. The same principles apply. You need to export the references in a format that Zotero can import most likely RIS or BibTeX.
  • Citation has (apparently) shipped with bad export filters for RIS:

    You may have to make a custom export filter for that program that fixes those flaw or use a different intermediate program.
  • However, their refer export seems decent. In Citation, choose Generate->Bibiliography. Select 'custom' & navigate to Import this into Zotero.
  • thank you noksagt. I found the custom export file...however, the file I produce cannot be read by zotero. Please help me...
  • Ok, I tried some solutions and I finally get something in zotero. Still, there are many mistakes.
    The most problematic one is that chapters in book formatted as "book (extended form)" records in Citation do not work properly in Zotero. The title of the chapter and of the book get lots. Has anyone found a solution?
  • There are not many Citation users, so not very many people have to put up with their bad export filters. There is no easy solution for better export; you'd have to modify the custom formats in Citation.
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