OpenOffice 2.4 Debian Zotero.oxt : 0 toolbar

For days now, I try to add the new extension zotero.oxt in openoffice2.4.
First I had problem with pyhton and openoffice during the extension's installation. The error message I received :
- The service com.sun.loader.Python cannot be instantiated

In response to that, I ve installed another package for openoffice which is : python-uno (version : 1:2.4.1+dsfg-1).
After that I was able to add the extension zotero. But, no toolbars to insert a citation, edit a citation, etc appears.
I don't know what to do anymore. So help, please.
By the way, I tried to join an irc canal #zotero but it was only on invitation. Can I have one, or it is not for support, may be.
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