Bug: Latency and cancelled actions

Zotero almost systematically cancels my actions if I make them "too" fast (that is, two actions in less than few seconds). This happens mainly when:
1. editing some field of an item
2. then, doing some other action (selecting an item in the main window, editing a field, adding a tag, doing a search after having edited something)

I can see that the action is first performed, at least partially (when I select, the item is highlighted but the rightmost pane is frozen, the tag is entered, the text appears in the field, etc.), but after 1-5 s the modification is erased. Note that the first action looks finished (except when selecting another item). For example, if I select another field, the cursor appears correctly in the other field, where I can write. However, auto-completion (of journals, etc.) do not work during this interval. Similarly, I cannot change fields using the key "tab". It feels like several actions run in parallel (the first edit and the next task), but that the state is reset once the first action is finished. The bug is associated with a high consumption of CPU by Zotero (50% on a i7).

This happens since a lot of time and I cannot pinpoint when it started (but at least since the v5): first, I thought this is not bad, but then it became worse and worse. This is extremely annoying since I have to wait a lot every time I edit something. I would expect to be able to chain several actions, like before.

I have several plugins installed (Better Bibtex, Zotfile, Zutilo, Zotero Storage Scanner, LibreOffice integration) but I checked that the bug still happens when they are disabled. I have the last Zotero version (5.0.65) running on Fedora 29. The problem happens on two different computers (but the database is sync between them). My database is quite big (> 12000 items, 12 Go). I frequently run a database check to see if there are errors. I also disabled the indexing, but the bug continues also.

I have submitted a bug report (1529024956) of errors displayed along with the debug logs (D351178622), running for a moment during my last editions.
  • Could we see a Debug ID with all other extensions disabled and for a single action that shows what you're describing? If you can disable auto-sync while logging, that would also be helpful.
  • Here is the report with a single such action: D345009409
    I have first added the doi (10.1007/JHEP04(2015)015)
    SELECT valueID FROM itemDataValues WHERE value=? ['10.1007/JHEP04(2015)015']
    and then tried to fill the journal abbreviation (JHEP). I started to write it, then JH has been erased, and only EP appeared:
    SELECT valueID FROM itemDataValues WHERE value=? ['EP']
    (codes are taken from the report)
  • Is there any update on that topic?
  • Sorry, I lost track of this. Are you still seeing this? If so, can you provide another Debug ID from the current version of Zotero?
  • Since few days I have the impression that Zotero is much more reactive and that I don't encounter the problem anymore. I will continue to test for being sure (I did not use Zotero a lot recently) and update.
  • I am currently updating a lot of entries and found that the problem is still there, contrary to what I was saying in my last post.
    I submitted a report with id 1849073372 and a debug log with id D371921883. I am using the last version (5.0.85).
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