[Feature Request] Improved "File Not Found" Dialogue

It would be lovely if the dreaded "File Not Found" dialogue would give some additional options, especially if one uses an external file system (rather than Zotero's internal file system), since that is presumably when files get "lost" anyway.

This would be akin to the way many audio programs [music is my other life] deal with lost audio files or samples.

- A "Search" button which would automatically search the computer (or selected hard drives or folder) for the file by name, with options to auto-link to that file if found, or to give a selection dialogue if multiple files with the same name are located
- A "Batch Re-Link" (or "Batch Re-Attach") command which would do the same for all missing files in Zotero. This would apply the same Search, Auto-Link (or Decision dialogue) sequentially for all missing files.
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