How do I install the propachi-vanilla plugin for converting to APA sentence case in citation titles?

Many thanks!
  • Download the .xpi file from here (right-click and save the link target as):

    Then, in Zotero, click Tools -> Add-Ons. Then drag the xpi file to the window that pops up. After it installs, click Options by Propachi and enable the Uppercase Subtitles option.
  • Note, though, that the plugin does not "convert to sentence case" -- it just converts Vancouver-style sentence case, which doesn't capitalize the first letter of the subtitle, into APA-style sentence case, which does.

    You'll still need to store your titles in (Vancouver-style) sentence case in Zotero.
  • (Which, to be clear, you can do by right-clicking on the title.)
  • New question: In APA 7th edition

    I am needing to manually correct some citations, and have not figured out a workaround, or ways to preserve my corrections without creating future work, i.e, a living document with multiple submissions possible.

    1) Book references, e.g., with (Original work published 1916), I am adding this to the Source/location, but it adds a period that should not be there. What is a better option. If I manually correct, it reverts back to the original once I update the next reference. Unlinking and correcting after completion will preclude further drafts, or create more work. See APA 7th ed. manual p. 323, #28 for example.

    2) Book authors with contributors that are actually co-authors (credited using the word "with" on the cover) should appear in the reference list (APA manual, p. 286--last bullet) as (with Long, W.T. & Smith, G.). (date) ... Again, manually adding this it gets removed. Am I missing another pathway?

    Please advise...

    Many thanks!

  • Actually references, not citations...
  • Please start new threads instead of posting to unrelated issues.

    For original dates, enter those in Extra like this:
    Original date: 1916

    The style will pick that up and format it correctly.

    “with” contributors aren’t currently citable. Generally, such contributors aren’t cited at all, so I would recommend entering them into Zotero as “Contributor” and allowing them to be omitted.

    A future version of CSL (which Zotero uses for its reference formatting) will have a contributor variable.
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