Storing Zotero data on Synology NAS

edited March 30, 2019
I currently pay for Zotero's unlimited server storage plan as I have a very large Zotero data library. I recently got a Synology NAS set up at home to store all of my other data in place of Dropbox. Is it possible to transfer all of my Zotero data to my NAS server at home and use that as the source from which to sync all of my computers? I don't need to be able to have access to my Zotero data from random computers located anywhere. I just want to be able to sync across home, office, and laptop computers. The office computer connects to my Synology server at home via SFTP.
  • Hi, i am using a Synology NAS. It is possible to transfer all of your Zotero data to your NAS server. You need to configure the webdav service on your NAS. After, in Zotero, you configure the synchronization with "Webdav".
  • Thanks for the helpful reply!
  • Mairota -- could you give me a bit more guidance on how to do this? -- I am getting various error messages when trying to WebDAV over my local network, using first the external https address for WebDAV and then the internal WebDAV IP address -- for the external address, an unknown/invalid security certificate issue, and for the internal address, a "SSL record too long" address -- thanks and regards, MWG
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