Zotero citation mess up with MS Word's words count

Hi there!
First I want to thank you for providing me with Zotero, it helps me tremendously.
Now I just discovered that Zotero messes up with the words count of MS Word (Word 2013 for PC). Scientific writing requires to stick with some rules, one of which is to limit the size of paragraphs to a certain number of words to increase clarity and efficiency (ultimately this is all about summarizing and not storytelling) so I need this feature.
However, when I insert citations from zotero, the word count of a marked paragraph increases dramatically. I suppose that MS Word counts all the words included in the citation (authors, title, summary, journal etc).
Would it be possible to take care of this problem, please?
  • This is an issue with Word, rather than anything Zotero can do. Earlier versions of Word counted all the words embedded in fields (like Zotero and other reference managers use to store data, but also built-in features like titles, tables of contents, and other uses of Fields), rather than the displayed text.

    This is changed in later Word versions (Word 2019, Word 365, perhaps also Word 2016 I don’t recall). You can either upgrade to one of those Word versions, or, as a workaround, save a copy of your document, click the Unlink Citations button in the Zotero tab in the copy, count the words there, then return to editing in the live document.
  • Thank you for the workaround, it works actually pretty good. When I click the "unlink citations" button, a new window opens, asking me to confirm. If I cancel at this point, the words count becomes normal again. Not sure if Zotero is still able to update the citations but since I canceled, I guess so.
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    As you cancelled, it should be. First make a copy then unlink on this copy, before you lose everything.
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