Zotero does not use windows display language as default for Zotero user interface language

I recently installed Zotero on Windows 10, and the default user interface language was Dutch. My Windows settings are as following:

Windows display language: English (US)
Windows format: English (Europe)
Windows primary input Language: English (Europe)
Windows secondary input Language: Romanian (Romania)
Windows home location: Netherlands
Windows language for non-unicode programs: Dutch (Netherlands)

According to Zotero's documentation ( https://www.zotero.org/support/supported_languages ), Zotero should use by default the Windows display language, which in my case is English (US). Since I saw that it is Dutch, I assume it either uses the home location, or the language for non-unicode programs setting.

Accordingly, either the documentation, or the program behavior should be changed, so that they match. In my opinion, the program behavior should be changed so that it matches the documentation, i.e. the default Zotero user interface language should match the Windows display language. I find this solution to surprise the user the least.
  • Thanks — we're aware that the locale detection can be off on some systems. We inherit this code from the underlying framework we use, so we can't fix this at the moment, but it should be corrected in a future version.
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