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    I also have a synchronisation error. I don't know what it is. I just get an exclamation mark next to the synchronisation icon (top right). When I click on it, there is no error message, just the option to send a report... Report ID 700773506
  • Ah! I just noticed that the incidence of this error coincides with a notification from my virus protection package (Sophos) that it has blocked a threat from 'Mal/DrodZp-A'. Apparently a Zotero file has got a virus in it and the virus protection is stopping it from being saved? Is it one of my files or one of yours?
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    (Please start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)
    Unix error 13 during operation open on file /Users/[…]/Zotero/tmp/ (Permission denied)
    Are you running any third-party security software on your Mac?
  • It's just something in one of your web page snapshots. You can search in Zotero for the 8-character string from the filename ("8D65JNGK") in All Fields & Tags mode, delete the attachment, and empty the trash.
  • Thanks for re-organising the thread. I did not know my problem was caused by a virus when I first reported it.

    I did as you advised and it seems to have fixed the problem -- I can now do a (manual) sync without getting the virus notification. Thank you. :-)

    I presume you used some method of identifying the offending file that is not available to me?
  • The item key (8-character string) is listed in the error message I quoted above, which is from your error report. When Zotero syncs files, they're first saved as tmp/[item key].zip before being moved to storage/[item key].
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