Refreshing in Word does not work for titles only present in the bibliography

edited March 26, 2019
Sometimes e.g. when writing a exposée one wants to have a list of references w/o making citations in the text to these resources. This is possible in Zotero by editing the bibliography and adding the titles there. However, it seems that there is no updating for such titles which are only present in the bibliography. Moreover, when deleting one of them, close the dialog, and open it up again, then we see, that it is not really deleted.

For reproducing this issue:
1. Open MS Word (I have v2010)
2. Add any citation (otherwise it is not possible to add a bibliography)
3. Add the bibliography
4. Edit the bibliography and add another item
5. Change this item in Zotero
6. Click refresh in Word, and nothing happens, i.e. the changes from Zotero are not updating in Word

Can you reproduce the issue with this information?

I use the latest beta, but the problem occured today in my course for someone else, who might use the "normal" Zotero version.
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