Run citeproc-js in CSL-M mode with Zotero

Given that both Juris-M and Zotero use the same citation processor I was wondering whether it could be possible to allow citeproc-js in CSL-M mode with Zotero. Obviously some features won't work with regular Zotero (like field variants), but having some features available would be helpful. In case there are fears about poluting the GUI, a hidden pref would be entirely sufficient.

The reasons for this are:
1. At my own computer I am using both Juris-M and Zotero, but at work I only have access to Zotero.
2. I am currently developing some styles for departements at my institution. Some of their requirements could easily be fulfilled with CSL-M but probably not with vanilla CSL at the moment (like this one: I don't think I can convince them to use Juris-M instead of Zotero, but having some additional features available would be quite handy.

  • Most csl-m features (including the one you link to) work with Zotero, you'd just have to ignore the invalid style warning on installing the style.
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    Have you tried adding a CSL-M style to Zotero? I think the client will give you a warning, but allow you to override it and load the style. The processor detects the schema version (currently "1.1mlz1", don't ask me why :), and will kick into CSL-M mode on its own.

    CSL-M styles won't validate against the CSL schema, but I can host your style on when you're ready.
  • Thank you both. I have just tried it, and indeed you just have to ignore the warning.
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