sync error under linux report 2118077980


I have a sync error in combination with problems to attach a pdf-file to an entry. The error report is: 2118077980

I "grabed" an entry on with zotero from my browser. Unfortunately the pdf is not automatically downloaded by the zotero import filter. So I manually download the pdf-file into a temporary archive. Then right-click on the zotero-item and attach a stored file to the item. Normally that works. In this case it did not work. In parallel I noticed, that zotero tries to sync but ends with an error report. (note: I could open and read the pdf-file, so the file exists on my linux-machine and is not broken).

I tried to rename the file (I remember I once had a similar problem that could be solved by that) to abc.pdf but that did not help. I manually created an article-item and tried to attach the pdf to that item but this neither worked.

Finally I opend zotero on my mac-desktop. Although I got an sync error on the linux machine it did sync the zotero item. I than copied the pdf-file from the linux machine to the mac and attached it to the item on my mac. It worked and the mac version of zotero synced without error message.

After that I could sync back to my linux machine but still get the error although the pdf now appears in the list inside zotero and is readable by clicking on the item.

One aditional note to my specific system configuration: I run zotero under linux (ubuntu 16.04 lts derivate elementary) but the storage for attachements is on an internal ntfs-hdd because I have a dual boot system and need to access the data partition as well under windows. But as mentioned before I use zotero regularly and did not had trouble with this configuration so far.

On Linux runs zotero 5.0.64. On Mac (10.10.5) zotero is still on 5.0.60.

Now I would like to understand what the sync error is about since it seems to sync anyway and if it might have to do with the trouble I had with the pdf-file.

Thanks for any hint
  • Unix error 1 during operation setPermissions on file /media/[…]/Zotero/storage/IB8B322D/png_003.dat (Vorgang nicht zulässig)
    Something about your filesystem setup is interfering with Zotero's ability to access the disk. I'm afraid I can't help beyond that.
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