duplicat pdf or snapshot

I couldn't find separated post for this while some aspects discussed in other posts
the problem happened when you merge duplicated items, zotero keeps the files on both "or more" items but merge the items itself, which lead to wasted file sizes bandwidth and most important storage size.
is there a solution to find duplicated files within items or sometimes between items?
  • other important issue in this context is the shared file, such as full journal with multi paper it should have multi item entry but the same file is shared
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    storage scanner plugin seems to do good job finding dublicated files, tag them which you need to select and delete
    but it find the name dn't compare
    if you have entry with multiple files not the same but with same names it considered them dublicate
    very dangerous if you use zotfile before, which give all the files same name, I lost many files by such mistake
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