How do you know when an Advanced Search with AttachmentContent is over?

edited March 24, 2019
Doing an Advanced Search with a string to search as AttachmentContent can take a long time depending on library size.

A useful feature that existed in older versions of zotero (perhaps unintentional, but still useful) was that, while a search was ongoing, the window was unresponsive, and so if no results were produced, you knew to try a new search once the window become responsive again.

Right now (5.0.64), the window stays responsive while searching, but shows no other status of the ongoing search; thus, one has no choice but to wait an arbitrary amount of time (a search "time out") before concluding that probably no results were found, before then trying a new search, even though the old search may still be going on.

I would kindly suggest for the previous functionality to be restored, or for some other indication of the progress of the current search to be shown. Thanks for taking the time to read this report.
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