How to add translator with additional text

The title page contains author and title plus subtitle and (my translation) the text:
"translated and with annotations by Dr. ..."
I know how to add the translator but what about the other text ("and with annotations by")?
The bibliographic entry which follows Chicago style should look like:
Umnow, E. I. Schachkompositionen: Ein Vergleich zwischen Problem, Studie und Partie. Übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen von Werner Speckmann. Südwestschach 3. Kempten: Rau, 1961.
  • Are you trying to import something, export something, or trying to make a bibliography from items that are already in your library?
  • I have the item in my library (the source was acquired from WorldCat). But I don't know how I can add the additional information to the entry (there is only the translator field).
  • I'm afraid that can't be done, sorry. I doubt we'll try to incorporate things like that -- it's just too messy for automation.
  • Oh, like that, I interpreted translator differently. Can't that be done using the cheater syntax?
  • I don't think so -- you'd have to somehow get the "und mit Anmerkungen" in the middle of the "Übersetzt von" term but only for some items. I don't see how that's possible, especially not if you need different versions (translated and with an introduction, translated and with notes, translated and with a glossary etc.)
  • Right, that makes sense.
  • o.k., that means I will have to add this manually after all bibliographic entries are done and unlinked, right?
  • Correct, yes.
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