Zotero, biblatex-chicago, years and dates

I am compiling a bibliography in Chicago style so my reference list should look like
Last name, First name. Year. Title. Press: City.

After exporting my library from zotero I am getting:
Last name, First name. Month day, Year. Title. Press: City.

I have figured out that by exporting using Better Bibtex, I get separate year month and date fields while if I use Better Biblatex I get only a date field.

Have I got this right? Can someone explain why this is the case?
  • That'd seem like an error in the biblatex-chicago style. Biblatex has a single date field (in a standardized, parseable format) as its standard and the citation style should be able to just use the year from that as needed.
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    That is correct, and BBT normalizes the date that it puts there - styles should be able to pick it up correctly and only display the year if that's appropriate for the style. If BBT can't normalize the date for biblatex export, it will put the unchanged date in the "year" field, which is a convention used to signify "use verbatim".

    Which field did the date end up in? If "year", that means that you have a date I haven't yet added a normalization rule for. If that's the case, open an issue on the bbt tracker and we'll get this sorted.
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