Dialnet author mistaken

when zotero captures an author from Dialnet database, the result is not correctly.
For example:
Ruiz Lozano, Pablo = Ruiz Lozano (Surname) and Pablo (Name) is capture as: Ruiz, Lozano Pablo
I wrote to Dialnet services but they refer me back to Zotero.
  • Could you provide a URL where that happens?
  • Ah, you had a typo in the above. It's captured as Lozano, Pablo Ruiz. That's because Dialnet displays the author as "Pablo Ruiz Lozano" and so Zotero has to guess what are last and what the first names. The algorithm for that always picks a single last name, That works much better for most of the world, though it's obviously mostly going to get things wrong for Spanish-speaking countries.

    We could look at changing this for Dialnet imports (given that most authors there are from Spanish-speaking countries), but the ideal solution would be for Dialnet to include authors as lastname(s), firstname in the citation_author tag in the article metadata.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    I'm going to forward this text to Dialnet.
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