"Date Added" and other fields grayed out on RSS Feed

I would like to sort entries in an RSS feed in my Zotero database by Date Added. However this field is grayed out when I try to add a new field. Any idea why this is?
  • What do you mean by Date Added in the context of feeds?

    Feeds are automatically sorted by the order of their original appearance in the feed, which seems like what you're asking for. If a feed entry is updated later, the Date field is updated with the latest date from the feed, but the entry remains in its original position.
  • Hi

    For feeds from PubMed, no Date of any type is created.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9v2xh2nelh2qe9/Zotero RSS Pic.png?dl=0

    I see your point that the columns are not sortable so the newest one is always most recent - but there appears to be no way to determine when a given post appeared or how recently the feed has been updated.

    Since no Date field is displayed, in many cases it is not even possible to even determine the date/year of publication except by viewing the citation online or adding it to your Library.

    Example feed where this happens:


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    That feed just literally doesn't have any dates in it. You can view it in Chrome to see. (Firefox will offer to download it.)

    The vast majority of feeds have dates, so this isn't a general problem.
  • Yes - I understand there is no publication date in the feed.

    In general would it not be helpful to include "Date Added" in RSS feeds to reflect the date/time when an item is imported into Zotero?
  • There are no Date Added dates. These are feed items — they're not tied to a specific library and can be added to multiple libraries.
  • Or do you just mean the date when the feed item was first downloaded by Zotero?
  • Yes, it would be very helpful to have a date when the item was first downloaded by Zotero. That would give me a sense of how many items were recently added when I review the feed.
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