Getting currently stored pdfs into a new collection

Hi all -

This will be hard for me to describe, please bear with me!

I am working on a systematic review and am trying to create a group library that holds only those pdfs for references that have been selected for full-text review (which will be a subset of a larger group folder)

The larger group folder automatically uploaded pdfs when the references were imported from database searches, so they all live in my Zotero account.

I am able to export reference data from my SR software (Covidence), and import it into a new folder in My Library in Zotero, but this folder will not have the pdfs attached.

So I'm wanting Zotero to recognize where the pdfs for the references held in the NEW folder live and attach them so that ultimately a folder exists that holds all reference data and associated pdfs. OR to find a way for Zotero to find duplicates that exist between the new folder with only reference info with the other larger folder that contains a ton of additional records plus pdfs.

This is a big ask, and I imagine that this isn't something Zotero has an automated process for. Even if it's not automated, if I can find a way to not have to search and attach the pdfs for 307 papers that are already held in my Zotero account I'll be so incredibly happy. If anyone has a workaround I'd be incredibly, incredibly grateful!

  • So here's my best shot at a workaround:
    1. Go New folder. Select all items and add a colored tag
    2. Go to the "Duplicate Items" folder and sort items by title
    3. Merge all items where one of the duplicates has a colored tag.

    Still 300 clicks, but much faster than adding PDFs to each.
  • Thanks so much Adam! I think this will work, I just need to first copy all of the records from the folder in my library to one in the group folder.
    I truly appreciate your help!
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