Spell checking notes

In Zotero 1, firefox automatically checked my spelling as I typed my notes. In Zotero 2.0 my spelling no longer gets checked by firefox. Is there some way to continue the automatic spell check in 2.0?
Thank you!
  • This is quite a significant bug. I am glad you are aware of it, but it significantly detracts from the note taking function. I care less about being able to align and format my notes. What I need to know, particularly if transcribing, is if there are spelling errors and typos.

  • Reopening this old thread to say that in notes spell errors are marked by the red line, but you cannot correct the word because another contextual menu (containing cut/paste/copy etc) appears. This happens in 3.0.1 standalone and embedded in Firefox 10.0
    I see it is an open issue, but just to remember its usefulness to Zotero developers.
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