Zotero issue with Google Docs

See link to video below.

It has worked effectively in the past


Many thanks for any assistance offered.
  • Have you tried refreshing the page?
  • Many times. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled extension
  • Is there a link to a page, or a text with a link at the start of the document? Could you try removing it temporarily and refreshing? Otherwise, could you place the cursor in an existing link in a document, editing it with Google Docs, and then placing the cursor in a different location to try to insert a citation?
  • I can't get Zotero to work at all with Google docs.

    When I try to insert a citation I get a dialog box that says.. "Zotero is updating your document. Please wait"

    This box never goes away.

    Alternatively I can hover over the Zotero Icon in the toolbar at the bottom of my screen and this shows the red bar into which I can put a citation. So I do that and hit 'return'.... and then...nothing.

    I don't believe I have any conflicting extensions installed....

    Any suggestions.. This thing is definitely not working..
  • Restart your browser and Zotero, try inserting a citation in a new document and confirm whether it works or not.
  • I also have a problem with Google Docs and Zotero. When I click the Zotero Insert citation option, nothing happens. I tried this both in Chrome and Firefox. My Debug ID is: D1884694648
  • Zotero Add-on for Google Docs, not listed on Add-ons list.
  • Zotero Add-on for Google Docs, not listed on Add-ons list.
    sorry, you'd need to say more about what you're referring to. If you're looking at the add-ons in Zotero, it wouldn't show up there. It comes bundled with the connector (where you can disable it).
  • I have the Zotero Connector in my browser, and a separate Zotero tab in Google Docs. The buttons for Zotero are active. But as soon as I click the Add/Edit Citation button, nothing happens or I get the message:
    Zotero is updating your document. Please wait... And I have to wait endlessly.
  • @noorbreuning Restart your browser and Zotero. After clicking any of the Zotero options in Google Docs and getting the "Please wait..." screen check through Zotero windows if a citation dialog popped up. On some OSes minimizing Zotero before working with the browser might cause the Zotero dialogs to not show up on top of other windows.
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