Please circulate a general introduction to Zotfile using IOS targeting iPad issue a general notice.

I am looking for a decent tutorial on Zotero and ZotFile and how the dialog boxes could be set up to have me organising my database on my MacBook and reading and annotating on my iPad. If such existed then much of these discussion forums would be unnecessary. Such a tutorial should be dated and say which versions of the software for which it is current, and take the new user through the various dialog boxes, and entry fields with an expected range of answers. On YouTube I see a 50s tutorial which is 5 years old, without sound, and it is not even clear what the starting context is, while another is more extensive but it is in German or Dutch. Thanks much.
  • For example: The ZotFile setup "how to install has big gaps which need explanation:
    1) "To Attach new files to Zotero items" What's this mean? If my items are pdfs, why would I want to add new file?
    2) "For Zotero Firefox..." What's Firefox got to do with this?
    3) "For Zotero Standalone.." What is any other form of Zotero if it's not Standalone?
    4) "The source folder can be set to any location....." This requires there to be some basic notion of Zotero topology. What source is being referred to? What is the sink? Are we talking about directories on MacBook or iPad. How are they distinguished?

    Likewise the paragraph on Syncing PDF attachments is all gobbledygook without some overall context. I'm looking for a context discussion about attachments. Are these supplements, or annotations, comments etc.

    Renaming rules, "How about an introduction(example) of the general need to rename files (I presume to User-friendly titles) e.g. is there a generic FirstAuthor(Date)Title scheme.

    The rest of the ZotFile introduction is incomprehensible with a context.

    I know this is a GitHub forum but where is the friendly end user introduction?
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