Saving to Zotero from Academic Microsoft seem buggy

If I try to save to zotero (Firefox browser plugin) from it's detected as a book and the PDF is not downloaded.

Going directly to the paper on import it correctly.
  • There's no PDF linked to by Microsoft, so we can't do that.

    We try to guess the item type from their metadata, but there is no JSON field that specifies an item type. We can recognize conference papers and journals from context, but treat everything else as a book. If someone finds a way to get more info from the API JSON, we'd be happy to implement it.
  • Just following up on this thread. Any updates for importing references from Microsoft Academic? They now link to PDF of papers (usually author copies) which is a great help. Here is an example link. for cardiomyocyte renewal in humans&qe=Or(Id%253D1989020172%252CId%253D2135359531%252CId%253D2022185139%252CId%253D2073420780%252CId%253D2104206289%252CId%253D2028649540%252CId%253D2076837609%252CId%253D1579684548%252CId%253D2165911176%252CId%253D2035033869%252CId%253D1966295032%252CId%253D2160597085%252CId%253D2050561917%252CId%253D2080714387%252CId%253D2146511487%252CId%253D2044155143%252CId%253D2113273302%252CId%253D2064108451%252CId%253D2078148011%252CId%253D2046101649%252CId%253D2059894787%252CId%253D2083575511%252CId%253D628918248%252CId%253D2475896835%252CId%253D2016689569%252CId%253D2057389579%252CId%253D2077808766%252CId%253D2109457855)&f=&orderBy=0
  • MSA is going away at the end of the year, though, so probably not worth investing too much effort in fixing it?
  • Thanks for the info. Did not know it was being deprecated. Too bad, much more useful than Google Scholar.
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