Deleting "added date" from database (privacy)

Hello, I wondered if it was possible to remove the "added date" from the references (i.e. from the Zotero database)

I'm considering opening up semi-public access to some of my database but do not wish this data to be shared.

  • As asked, the answer is no, but there may be ways of getting what you want. How exactly were you planning to share the library for "semi-public" access?
  • By Zotero groups, but for the moment I'm only considering giving access to the PhD jury - afterwards I might make it readable even for people not member of the group.
  • If this is for a group, you could export to Zotero RDF and then import into the group, which will set date added for all items to the time of import, which I assume you'd consider privacy-preserving.

    There are minor downsides to this (minimal data loss for some uncommon fields/item types and Zotero won't be aware of the linkage between the original items in your library and the ones in your group), but given the use case, they're really quite minimal.

  • That's perfect! thanks, you're always very helpful
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