All Sticky Notes --> Note for Report!

'Sticky Notes' feature is great, and if we can include them in the Report, it will be even greater. If we could just generate a standard Note that contains mini-report of all the sticky notes in related snapshots, this will be realized.

Because, as we read through the snapshot, it is very convenient to add Sticky Notes on the place we read it. And, later, it will be more comfortable if we don't need to look for them over again and copy & paste it onto one 'Note,' to see it directly when we click the article in the list. It would be just great if they were already gathered & listed.

It would be something like Adobe Acrobat's 'Comments' feature. In Acrobat, you can click Comments button in the left pane, and a pane containing the list of all your markups & comments, such as sticky notes or highlights, appear in the bottom.
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