Problems with Wiley connector & multiple paper download


when trying to download in Firefox and Safari several papers using the Zotero connector on Wiley I can see the connector starting and traffic is produced. After a while the connector stops functioning and I find in Zotero just one item looking like an link to the website.

Report ID: 1420819645

Any idea what could be done?

  • Hi,

    is there anybody who could be of help for my problem?
    At a minimum we'd want a sample URL. This works fine for me on the Wiley pages where I've tested.
  • Here's on site:

    But basically I've problems with more journals within the Wiley envirnment. Not though on Springer or ScienceDirect.

    In Safari only the Atypon connector works, after the Wiley connector breaks down continously:
  • I'm not clear if these are reliably reproducible problems or if they just start occurring after saving several times. (FWIW, the above links, too, work for me)
  • Not sure what you mean by "after saving several times"?

    For me this problem is a nuisance since weeks if not month. I've several journals of which I collect at a regular rate several papers each time. This worked until recently. Now I've to open paper by paper in the browser and to hope that the single paper connector works properly what not always happens. It's time consuming. Actually this feature to collect several papers with a couple of mouse clicks is the main feature for me to use Zotero.

    The question remains unanswered for me: Why does this not anymore work for me?
  • If it's always when saving multiple papers at once, there's a good chance you're just seeing site access limits. Rate limiting is something the site does and there's not really much we can do about it — when you save multiple articles with Zotero you are, in fact, making automated requests. On some sites there are workarounds using exporting, as explained on the linked page.
  • (You can, however, complaint to the site and tell them that their rate limiting appears to be interfering with reasonable usage of Zotero on their site. Interfering with something like Zotero almost certainly isn't their goal, and they might increase their limits if they get enough feedback.)
  • Thanks for your comment.

    Just downloaded Bookends and made it automatically download all papers from this journal, all in all 22 entries including PDFs!

    With Zotero I was lately only able to download some 3 to 6 papers even I hadn't been on Wiley for a couple of days.

    Still wondering …
  • Observing the download process the differents to me seems that Bookends requests one paper after each other: only when a entry including the PDF is downloaded fully the next one is requested & collected.

    In Zotero it looks like as if all requested papers are downloaded at the same time. This might enforce on Wiley some defensive algorithm and therefore to break the already ongoing download process.

    If this is plausible to you, do you think it is possible to "slow down" the Wiley connector when downloading several papers?
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