Customize Zotero Tab into Word ribbon

Hello everyone,

On Word : File > Options > Customize Ribbon, I don't see "Zotero" appear in the right pane of the Customize window. Is it normal ? I wish I could customize the Zotero Tab and mix it with other similar option.

I also have EndNote installed.

Thanks for your answers.

Win10 x64
  • You can see the individual Zotero commands in the All Commands list in the Customize Ribbon window. You can also edit the Zotero template file to change the buttons or put the group elsewhere (I move it to the References tab on my system).
  • Thank for your answer.

    So if I understand correctly, I am the one who has a problem displaying the zotero command in the Customize Ribbon window.

    Any idea why ?

    About the Zotero template file, I assume you're talking about Zotero.dotm. I'm sorry but I'm really new in this, what do I have to do ?

    Thanks again
  • No, the “Zotero” Group doesn’t appear in the window, but if you look under the All Commands list, you will see Add/Edit Citation, Refresh, and the other Zotero commands listed there.
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